Issue 5: Inconsolable Crimes

Pirea’s presence loomed over them in silence for just a moment before vanishing back into Feynoree.  With the light of their eye gone, the room fell completely dark.  Stinging pain bit at Felfet’s scalp where the pine rooks had torn at her, she could feel her heart beating in her ears adding to the disorientation. Continue reading “Issue 5: Inconsolable Crimes”

Magic in the Three Realms

There are three magic systems known to the people of Vanoree: Corporeal, Ethereal, and Ephemeral. Corporeal magic is the legacy of the giants, it is the magic of substance and material things. Using corporeal magic requires knowledge of secret formulas, and the careful execution of those formulas. Corporeal magic is used to create potions, powders,Continue reading “Magic in the Three Realms”