The Three Realms


The world of time and change, home to the fey. Feynoree intersects Vanoree between moments, allowing the fey to flit in and out of the world. From the point of view of mortals the fey are chaotic and random, but they follow a strict order of their own. The life of each individual fey is tied to a cycle of changes which are expressed as echoes in Vanoree and organize the fey into a complex and ever shifting hierarchy of concerts and courts. Fey exist only for as long as their part of the cycle endures.


The world of substance and physicality, home to the many-formed lya.  Lynoree suffuses and surrounds Vanoree, the direct border between the two realms is the horizon. The lya are fierce individualists, and have no collective name for themselves. Each lya is a force of creation and destruction unto itself. The great artisans of Lynoree built palaces for themselves in the clouds and in the depths, to watch Vanoree and guard their treasures. These lya were known as giants to mortals.


The world of memory and the dead, all that is lost or forgotten is stored in the infinite vaults of Menoree. The realm of the dead exists above the sky. The moon is a great gallery from which the dead can observe the living. Spirits can reenter the mortal world, but only if they are called upon and only when they choose to. Under the new moon, the link between Vanoree and Meynoree is temporarily severed.


Not a realm proper, but the intersection of the three realms. Where time sculpts substance, and memories become stories, the mortal world resides as a crossroads. All that exists in Vanoree is an opaque tapestry created by the light of Feynoree, Lynoree, and Menoree. To the inhabitants of the three realms, humanity is known as the vath..

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