Magic in the Three Realms

There are three magic systems known to the people of Vanoree: Corporeal, Ethereal, and Ephemeral.

Corporeal magic is the legacy of the giants, it is the magic of substance and material things. Using corporeal magic requires knowledge of secret formulas, and the careful execution of those formulas. Corporeal magic is used to create potions, powders, magic items and metal alloys. It requires significant preparation time, knowledge, and frequently complex and bulky equipment such as kilns. Corporeal magicians in Vanoree are simply referred to as magicians as they are the most common of the three. Magicians that serve the Colloquium are sometimes called greenhats for the most iconic part of their uniform.

Ethereal magic is the influence of ghosts and spirits and can be accessed completely by anyone. It has a controversial reputation in Vanoree, with many taboos being the result of common folk not wanting to draw the attention of Meynoree, the realm of the dead. Ethereal magic can be harnessed accidentally in a fit of emotion, or with intention through asceticism and meditation. In either case, it is ultimately tied to the mood and attention of the dead. Ethereal magicians are formally known as etherists, but are usually referred to as oracles or witches.

Ephemeral magic is the duty of the fey, it is the magic of time and of change, often referred to simply as the cycle. The inhabitants of Vanoree can use ephemeral magic only by acquiring a fey patron. The magician must be offered patronage by a fey, at which point they make a wish-pact. They fey stays with the magician, lending them power over the aspect of the cycle that the fey is responsible for, until the wish is fulfilled. The wish must be something that the magician actually desires, and the fey are usually not inclined to accept pacts that would bind them indefinitely.

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